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A clear colorless liquid with a sweet smell, ethanol is a protic solvent miscible with water and other liquids making it an ideal solvent in personal care applications. In addition to its solvency power, ethanol can be used as a preservative or an intermediate in personal care applications. The evaporative properties of ethanol impart a cool feel to the skin and provide quick delivery of items, such as polymers, for applications like skin and body care, as well as hair care.


In the personal care market, ethanol is used in the following applications:

• perfume

• cologne and after-shaves

• hairspray

• mouthwash

• body care - splash and sprays

• nail enamel

• astringents

• fluoride toothpaste

• scalp preparations

When the word alcohol is used alone, it refers to ethanol, the alcohol found in wine, beer, and distilled spirits.

When used in products not licensed for drinking, ethanol is usually denatured. Such alcohols are called denatured alcohol, or "specially denatured" alcohol. You will often see "SD alcohol" mentioned on a label, sometimes followed by a number and letter, such as "40-B". This is the designation given by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms to the denaturing method used. For example, SD-40 is ethanol denatured by adding tiny amounts of the bitterest tasting substance known -- denatonium benzoate.

Fragrances and Colognes. Denatured ethanol is typically used as a carrier for perfume oils found in fragrances and colognes. Water is commonly used in

conjunction with ethanol to help modify the fragrance intensity and to ease skin application. The concentration of ethanol in perfumes and colognes can
vary but is typically near 80%.

Hairspray. The most commonly used solvent in hairspray is primarily denatured ethanol. The solvency power of ethanol and its quick evaporation rate make it an ideal solvent in this application. Many hairspray formulations contain upwards of 50% ethanol.

Preservative. Ethanol can be used as an antibacterial agent in mouthwashes, nail enamel, and astringents.

This ingredient is use in formulating: 

Wrinkle Reducing Spray

Incromectant AQ

INCROMECTANT AQ is a quaternized derivative of acetamide MEA and as such, is 'moisturizing magnets' that is substantive as well as hygroscopic. Due to its quaternizing, INCROMECTANT AQ also provides excellent static control. INCROMECTANT AQ aids in maintaining the critical moisture balance needed to keep hair healthy looking.

This ingredient is use in formulating:

Wrinkle Reducing Spray

Incromectant AQ is a product of: Croda 


ARCOSOLV® DPnP solvent is a colorless liquid with low toxicity and a low odor. Its low evaporation rate coupled with its hydrophilic and hydrophobic nature makes ARCOSOLV DPnP a good coupling agent and solvent. It is moderately water soluble, yet an efficient surface tension reducer.

Chemical Name Dipropylene Glycol Propyl Ether

Chemical Family 1-(2-propoxy-2-methylethoxy) 2-propanol
Chemical Formula C9H20O3



ARCOSOLV DPnP performs well in coatings applications as a coalescent for waterborne coatings and a solvent for solvent-borne coatings. ARCOSOLV DPnP blends well with other materials such as the more hydrophobic glycol ethers. Overall it makes an excellent choice as a coalescing agent and it makes a good viscosity control agent.



Low toxicity, surface tension reduction, and moderate evaporation are some of the benefits of using ARCOSOLV DPnP in cleaning formulations. It also provides good solvency for polar and non-polar materials.


Other Applications

The properties of ARCOSOLV DPnP also support its use in agricultural, electronic, inks, textile, sealants and adhesive products. Specific end uses may require approval from governing regulatory agencies.

This ingredients is use in formulating: 

Procetyl AWS is a product of: Croda 

Procetyl AWS

Alkoxylated cetyl alcohol

Procetyl AWS is alkoxylated cetyl alcohol, used primarily as a water soluble surface active emollient. It is a pale straw, oily liquid, with a faint odour.

Procetyl AWS is a multifunctional surface active agent with excellent emollient properties. It is soluble in both water and ethanol and is a useful emulsifying agent, wetting agent, solubiliser and plasticiser.


Soluble bath oils and essences

Procetyl AWS will function in these preparations as a perfume solubiliser giving highly perfumed lotions or gels. This property can be used to advantage in any perfumed aqueous system.

Body shampoos

Procetyl AWS is a useful additive in shampoos as an emollient, reducing the harsh, degreasing effect of modern detergents. 

Hair shampoos

In hair shampoos, Procetyl AWS functions as an antistatic and superfatting agent, imparting a conditioned effect to the hair. The water solubility and nonionic nature of the product allows for easy incorporation into all shampoo systems, without adversely affecting their foam generation or stability.

Hair sprays and lacquers

Procetyl AWS acts as a plasticiser and is compatible with most resins normally employed in hair and lacquer formulations. It produces a non-sticky transparent film. Procetyl AWS will be of particular interest in systems based on the monobutyl esters of poly methyl vinyl ether/malic acid resins, where it migrates to the surface of the film, providing wet combability. In curl activator gels and lotions, Procetyl AWS imparts superior gloss and grooming characteristics in addition to acting as the perfume solubiliser.

After shave and skin balms

In aqueous/alcoholic after shave and skin balms, small additions of Procetyl AWS will improve the emollience of the preparation. In emulsified skin balms, it may function as the primary or secondary emulsifier.


Procetyl AWS improves the water dispersibility of such systems. In dry antiperspirants, Procetyl AWS will act as the dispersing agent for finely divided aluminium salts, improving re-dispersion on shaking. Procetyl AWS has also been suggested as the total emollient phase of such systems. It has been claimed that staining of fabrics is reduced when Procetyl AWS is used as the emollient phase.onal Care

Pigment dispersion

Procetyl AWS has been shown to be an effective wetting agent for pigments in aqueous systems.

This ingredients is use in formulating: 

Procetyl AWS is  product of: Croda 

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A water soluble, ethoxylated quaternary compound, CRODAQUAT TES is suitable for use in a wide range of household and industrial applications. CRODAQUAT TES is a unique surfactant possessing impressive antistatic properties along with hydrotroping capabilities and builder compatibilities not normally observed with quats.  These properties make CRODAQUAT TES particularly well suited for use in cleaning compounds where charge neutralization plays a role in overall performance. 


· Powerful antistatic properties
· Functions as a cationic detergent
· Improves foam stability of anionic surfactants
· Stable in acidic media
· Excellent coupler of nonionic surfactants
· Compatible with anionic surfactants
· Good solubility in common detergent builders
· Significant acid and alkali solubility


Touchless Cleaners
Car & Truck Washes
Wheel Cleaners
Vinyl & Aluminum Siding Washes 
General Purpose Antistats
Glass Cleaners
Furniture Polishes
Electronics Specialty Cleaners
Carpet Treatments
Built Hard Surface Cleaners
Tile & Grout Cleaners
Scale Removers
Steam Cleaners

This ingredients is use in formulating:  

Tile and Grout Cleaner

You can buy  Crodaquat TES from:  

Crodaquat TES – Croda (International Headquarter, UK)