Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sodium Xylene Sulfonate (SXS)

Sodium xylene sulfonate is an effective coupling/hydrotrope for water solutions of various surfactants and hydrophylic solvents. Sodium xylene sulfonate is used in liquid detergent. They are effective in promoting the compatibility of various ingredients present in a multi-component system. It is used as an electroplating bath additive and as viscosity reducer for concentrated liquid detergent and as solubilizer and cloud point depressor. SXS (Sodium Xylene Sulfonate) is commonly used as a hydrotrope. Since SXS has no detergency, Amphoteric or Phosphate Ester surfactants which contribute both detergency and hydrotroping power to the cleaner are used in high performance formulations.

Synonyms: xylenesulfonic acid, sodium salt; dimethylbenzenesulfonic acid, sodium salt; sodium dimethylbenzenesulfonate; conco sxs; cyclophil sxs30; eltesol sx 30; hydrotrope; naxonate; naxonate g; stepanate x; surco sxs; ultrawet 40sx; calsoft sxs 96; alkatrope sx-40; carsosulf sxs; eltesol sx93; reworyl nxs40; richonate sxs; witconate sxs; Sodium m-xylenesulfonate

Chemical Formular: C8H9NaO3S
Molecular Weight: 208.21
CAS Number 1300-72-7

Sodium Xylene Sulfonate 40% (liquid) or SXS 40 brands:

STEPANATE® SXS-40 - Stepan Company
SXS- 40 - Huntsman
Pilot SXS 40 - Pilot Chemical Company