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d-Limonene is a natural solvent extracted from citrus fruit rinds. It is safe and reliable and is a popular ingredient used in many industrial and household products.

The uses of d-limonene have grown and it is now used in the manufacturing process of many industrial and household cleaning products. One of benefits of  d-Limonene is that it may replace other solvents such as mineral spirits, acetone, toluene and flourinated and chlorinated organic solvents. As with most organic solvents, d-Limonene alone is not water soluble. With a KB value of 67, the solubility properties are close to that of CFC's, indicating that it is a much better solvent than mineral spirts. d-Limonene is a multi-purpose and versatile chemical that is extremely safe and more effective in many of the typical cleaning solutions.


This ingredient is use in formulating:

Butyl Carbitol

  • CAS No. 112-34-5
  • Diethylene glycol monobutyl ether
  • Diethylene glycol butyl ether (DGBE)
  • Diglycol monobutyl ether
  • 2-(2-Butoxyethoxy)ethanol
  • Butyl CARBITOL™ solvent
  • Butoxydiglycol
  • Butyl diglycol ether
Butyl CARBITOL™ solvent is a clear, liquid with a mild ether odor. It evaporates slowly and is completely water soluble.

Applications :

DGBE is used as a solvent in coatings and cleaner applications for industrial and consumer markets. It is also used as a chemical intermediate to produce diethylene glycol monobutyl ether acetate (DBA) and some herbicides, insecticides and plasticizers. DGBE is also used in hydraulic brake fluid applications.

Specifically, Butyl CARBITOL solvent is used as:
  • Latex coalescent in water-based architectural and industrial coatings
  • Coupling agent and solvent in household and industrial cleaners, rust removers, hard surface cleaners and disinfectants
  • Primary solvent in solvent-based silk screen printing inks
  • Coupling solvent for resins and dyes in water-based printing inks
  • Solvent for ball point and felt tip pen inks, and textile dyeing and printing
  • Coalescent for latex adhesives
  • Deactivator and stabilizer for agricultural pesticides
  • Diluent in hydraulic brake fluid applications
Source:   Dow Chemicals

This ingredient is use in formulating:


CRODAA proprietary blend designed to clean oily soils without requiring solvents. The particularly low interfacial tensions provided by CRODAQUAT DGR cause oils to literally effervesce from surfaces - facilitating rapid cleaning. · Terpene micro-emulsifier; · Great for low and non- voc formulations; · Works over a wide pH and Temperature range

Typical Properties:

Activity: 63-65% non-volitles

This ingredient is use in formulating:
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BASFTRILON A 92 R is the monohydrate of the trisodium salt of nitrilotriacetic acid.

Applications : 
  • Water Treatment - water softener; soften boiler water; dissolve old boiler scale and prevent new scale from forming
  • Detergent - prevent calcium and magnesium ions from forming
  • Soap - prevent soap from becoming rancid and discolored
  • Cleaners/Degreasers - prevents water based formulation from becoming cloudy and precipitating
  • Textile - softening water and sequestering heavy metal ions

See Product Bulletin

This ingredient is use in formulating:
Source:  BASF Corporation

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