Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dow Corning 193 Fluid


Dow Corning 193 Fluid is a silicone glycol copolymer soluble in water, alcohol, and hydroalcoholic systems, it is hydrolytically stable.  It is a clear to hazy fluid.


  • Essentially low order of acute toxicity that acts as surface tension depressant, wetting agent, emulsifier and foam builder in a wide variety of cosmetic and personal care products, including hair spray, shampoos, skin care lotions, perfumes and shavin soaps.
  • Dow Corning 193 Fluid gives a stable foam.  Stabilty of water solutions containg up to 5% Dow Corning 193 Fluid are excellent.  Acid and alkaline extremes reduce stability.
  • Resin plasticizer in stylin products.
  • Humectant, emollient in skin products.


  • Makes very stable formulations
  • Low usage levels required
  • Compatible with a wide range of cosmetic ingrdients
  • Good foam builder
  • Imaprts soft silky feel to the hair
  • Ensures smooth wet shaving foams
  • Non-irritant to skin

This ingredient is use in formulating:  Microwave Exterior Cleaner

Source:   Dow Corning
PEG-12 Dimethicone. silicone glycol copolymer,