Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What is Acusol 445?

ACUSOL 445 is a, Rohm and Haas product, detergent polymer for Industrial Machine Dishwash (Warewash). It is available in the following grade:

ACUSOL™ 445 - partially neutralized grade
ACUSOL™ 445N - fully neutralized grade
ACUSOL™ 445ND - spray dried form

ACUSOL 445 is a homopolymer of acrylic acid with an optimized molecular weight to be used in industrial and institutional detergents.

ACUSOL 445 with selected molecular weight around 4500 in order to optimize the following properties:

Chemistry and Mode of Action
  • Anti-precipitation: ACUSOL 445 will increase solubility of precipitating salts by threshold effect. This allows it to reduce in the wash bath precipitation of inorganic salts (carbonates, phosphates, sulphates of Ca and Mg).
  • Crystal distortion: this polymer gets entrapped into crystal lattices, preventing their growth and facilitating their breakage. This minimizes adherence of salts on surfaces and facilitates their elimination by rinsing.
  • Dispersing properties: this polymer is a good dispersant for soils and will help to prevent their redeposition on surfaces in particular glass and dishware.
  • Processing aids: the polymeric and chemical nature of ACUSOL 445 will bring binding properties which can be useful in several detergent manufacturing processes, especially tableting.

ACUSOL 445 is a key ingredient in institutional and industrial cleaners. It might also perform in dishwash detergents. By using this polymer, the detergent manufacturers will enjoy the following advantages:

  • Inhibition of crystal growth, thus preventing precipitation of carbonates, phosphates, or silicates.
  • Dispersion of precipitates in the cleaning bath to avoid settling and scaling on surfaces and fibers.
  • Improvement of filming maintenance by soil dispersion, which minimizes organic components deposition on glass and dishwares.
  • Increase of bleach stability, especially in chlorinated formulations, by binding heavy metals which destabilize chlorine species through catalytic reactions.
  • Use in medium alkaline to very alkaline formulations, due to high solubility of ACUSOL 445 in caustic products. Caustics should be added slowly to a water premix containing polymer to avoid high pH gradients.

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